Make your sessions tight!

Jamming with Cabot is easy. Your performance is jacked up a notch with pumping, natural rhythm.
Attach it to a cajon (wooden box drum) and activate it by smartphone with our app.
Your music is instantly elevated to a whole new realm as you jam together in perfect time with YOU directing the flow.
A completely cool and fun jamming experience!


Feel more

Cabot’s 3 arms physically strike the cajon sending natural, acoustic sound waves out into the room. The bass thuds and the snare cracks. You and your audience feel it in your gut! It’s a universe away from digital percussion.


Performance with people!

Cabot’s steady, solid rhythm provides perfect accompaniment to music across all genres.
It blends with almost any instrument bringing a new vibe and energy to a session. It kills as a rapper’s beatbox!

  • with Guitar

    with Guitar

  • with Piano

    with Piano

  • with Saxophone

    with Saxophone

  • with Viollin

    with Viollin

  • with Rap music

    with Rap music

*early 1st generation app.


More intelligence

Create your own rhythms with our smartphone apps or download beats from other users.
Easily synchs with other equipment via MIDI.
We are working on making Cabot smarter in future version updates.
Get excited!

Here’s how it works »


2 ways to roll with Cabot: Using smartphone or PC


UTSUWA, Inc. is a tech start-up triggered by the Cabot project founded in Kyoto, Japan in 2016.
Our vision extends to the frontiers reached through fusing TECHNOLOGY and CREATIVITY.
Our goal is to devise new products and services that would enrich and impact everyday life in a lasting way.

Our Partners
  • – SHARP IoT.make Bootcamp

    Proud to be part of a specialized “acceleration program” for IoT hardware startups hosted by multinational electronics manufacturer, Sharp Corp.

  • – Kyoto University Entrepreneurs Platform (KUEP)

    We have been fabricating components and prototyping in a studio provided by KUEP, which provides machines such as 3D printers and laser cutters.

  • – Modelor

    Collaborating with us to develop the app with a focus on “user experience” (UX).


Want to know when we are launching?

Want to know when we are launching?

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